Non Resident Mortgage Specialist In Dubai

A Personalized Financial Solution For Non-residents in UAE

Lots of people, who are considered non-residents of the UAE, buy property every year in the UAE, which is why it has become one of the hottest real estate markets on Earth. Some are trying to find tax-free rental yields for their properties which can reach up to 10 per cent on smaller units in Dubai; this helps them to lead the way and allows them to enjoy a higher standard of living by doing so. Other people invest in property as an investment in lifestyle with hopes that its value continues to go up – based on demand and reconditioning efforts over time.

As a non-resident, you can apply for a mortgage in Dubai either for a home you are interested in living in or as an investment property. However, depending on your circumstances, and the specific property you want to buy, the amount of deposit you’re asked to pay will change.

Different banks and financial organizations will offer different products, and not every customer can access all of the loans available. There is often specialist mortgage service available for first-time buyers or investors, You’ll likely need to take specialist advice to help you understand all the products available to you.

Now the question is, should I go to a bank or use an independent mortgage broker in Dubai?

  • In many cases, where you’re unsure of your eligibility for a mortgage, it might be a good idea to take expert advice from a qualified mortgage broker in Dubai. This is especially important if you’re new to Dubai and not familiar with all the options or regulations.
  • We understand that there are many important details involved when purchasing a UAE property and we will help you through the process from beginning to end. We have helped countless clients just like yourself who have purchased or sold these luxury homes abroad!

A Mortgage Service Especially for non-residents

  • Take advantage of our unique consultation which helps non-residents to purchase residential property in Dubai either for investment purposes or as a second home. We at Finserve help you throughout the mortgage process.

Things to consider for non-residents:

  • Decide the mortgage specialist for non-permanent residents to explore your options for a mortgage
  • Choose a mortgage that suits your requirements
  • Get all the paperwork requested to get a finance pre-approval
  • Find and select a property within your budget, and agree on a purchase price with the seller
  • Pay your deposit to finalise the sale, and create an agreement
  • Provide any additional documentation required to confirm your mortgage, including searches on the specific property you have chosen

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