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Choosing the right property loan in Dubai is not that hard. From introductory offers to financing against a sale; the options available are indeed well varied, especially with the many low-interest-rate schemes that have emerged over time. And while they all offer you the same thing- being an easy borrowed amount on your property- it can get quite hard to choose from such a big variety. But, fret not! We understand that choosing one for yourself can be quite a difficult task given so many options (and let’s be honest- also know how much effort these things require). We advise you to work out what you’re looking for and help you make the final decision.

The main purpose of availing a loan against property in Dubai is to unlock the full value of your building whilst accessing and taking money from an external source in order to fund your various other necessities. Think about it like selling off part of your building and then being given that cash for the portion you’ve sold so that you can then use that same amount as cash in other investments. The best thing about this type of loan against property is that you don’t need to be in debt, or have outstanding payments; rather all you’re doing is using 100 percent of your assets to get external finance – how cool!

Things to Consider While applying for a loan against property in Dubai

  • When choosing a loan against property in Dubai, there are many things to keep in mind. Firstly, the length of your loan period will span generally between 5-15 years and even shorter. Secondly, the amount you can borrow may be as much as 65%, or near that of 95% of the market value of your property which will also be determined by your bank. In most cases, interest rates for these loans may be a bit higher than other loans but it will help you tap your property’s true value faster to meet immediate financial requirements without any additional problems.

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