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Nowadays more and more people are considering purchasing property overseas. Some people may look into buying a second home or a holiday home in an exotic place they’ve been dreaming of visiting their entire life. Others might purchase a foreign property as a financial investment to use later in life. Whatever the plan for your international property, and International mortgage brokers can help you make the most of these opportunities with mortgages and private finance across the commercial and residential sectors.

  • Interested in buying a property overseas?

    There are a few factors you should consider before making a purchase of a property overseas. Deciding on a location, the price range to a budget requires the right planning. There are different taxes, the exchange rate, the climate, and living conditions. It’s important to do your research. You need to learn about the market for the area you want to invest in. Take professional International mortgage service, visit the country, and try to figure out if it’s worth the risk. Considering these factors, it may be difficult for an individual or a company to make the decision of purchasing a property overseas. That’s where International mortgage services come into the picture.

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  • What are ‘international mortgage services’?

    International Mortgage brokers provide personalised advice for individuals based on individual circumstances. They also provide foreign exchange services for private individuals and businesses which cater to the needs by leveraging international currencies such as the popular US Dollar. Individuals can engage with the services in various ways such as multi-currency mortgages, mortgage calculations for overseas property purchase money transfers and multi-currency loans that suit their specific needs best!

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  • Do bank offer international mortgages?

    yes. It’s easy to find the right mortgage for your next international property purchase with the help of bank, wherever you might be located in the world. Customers can finance a property overseas by applying for a mortgage in the following countries and regions: Australia, Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong SAR, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

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  • Why is it so hard to get an international mortgage?

    The truth is that not many banks offer genuine international mortgages to their customers the way we do. There are many potential pitfalls when going through the self-managed application process for a mortgage with your local lender because, even if they have an ‘International’ mortgage plan available to you under certain circumstances, it may not necessarily be valid in your current country of residence. And even if the lenders do accept the nature of your resident status at face value, this does not necessarily guarantee that you will qualify for any funding from them! So beware of misleading marketing – always get a second opinion from a specialist like us who offer impartial referrals and trusted services to verify and confirm all aspects of your financial capability beforehand.

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  • How we can help?

    Real Estate investments are perceived as a very expensive business to enter, until now. We can help our clients ascertain the most cost-effective route for raising finance for buying International property. Lending policy updates and communication of progress are provided at each stage so borrowers are not left feeling vulnerable due to lack of information.

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