Commercial Property

Loan To Value - LTV

Loan to Value for commercial properties are up to 50% for all the banks and are subject to T&C of the bank


Self Employed or Business Person:

  • Active business in UAE for minimum 3 Years
  • Company Turnover from bank statements to be calculated
  • 3 Years audited financial
  • Rental Income: Rental from existing property can be added in the total income as per bank policy

Salaried Individual:

  • Total Income from salary: Fixed + Variable Component
  • Rental Income: Rental from existing property can be added in the total income as per bank policy

Debt Burden Ratio – DBR

  • Maximum DBR allowed is 50% of your Total income, considering your existing Liabilities and new mortgage installment (EMI)
  • Existing Liabilities like Credit Card Limits, EMIs of Auto Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgage loan or any other loans to be consider for DBR calculation

Loan Tenor:

UAE Nationals:

Loan maturity age up to 65 Years

UAE Residents - Self Employed

Loan maturity age up to 60 Years

UAE Residents - Salaried

Loan maturity age up to 60 Years

Mortgage Application Process:


Pre-Screening by our Mortgage Expert - (Timeline 1 to 2 working days)

  • One of our Mortgage expert will review the completeness of the documents provided by customer
  • Income and Liability calculation will be done based on your declaration
  • Client has to sign the bank application form based on the selection of pricing & exclusive features


Pre-approval or In-Principal Approval - (Timeline 3 to 4 working days for Salaried & 10-12 working days for Self Employed)

  • Pre-approval is a initial process where bank will assess your income and other documents and confirm the eligibility based on income and liabilities (as per latest Bureau report)
  • Bank will request the Bureau by availing consent from the client to verify the Income and Liabilities
  • Bank will conduct Telephonic verification with customer / employer
  • Bank will release the Pre-approval / In Principal approval once everything matches as per bank policy and procedures
  • Bank will communicate the conditions of pre-approval if any.


Property Selection

  • Based on approved limit by bank, customer can search & identify the property as per approved projects from the Bank.
  • Memorandum of Understanding / Developer SPA to be signed between buyer and seller/ Developer as per agreed buying price
  • Property Ownership documents copy to be shared by seller / Developer to buyer for Valuation process


Property Evaluation by Bank - (Timeline 3 to 4 working days)

  • Upon receiving the Title Deed copy, MOU / SPA & Fees for the evaluation from customer bank will initiate the Evaluation (Physical Inspection on the property)
  • Bank will assign the request to empaneled valuation company for their visit
  • Report will share by valuation company to Bank
  • Bank representative will communicate the appraised value to the customer


Final Approval & Final Offer Letter - (Timeline 4 to 5 working days)

  • Bank will review the valuation report along with other property papers
  • Recalculation and other checks will be performed again by the Bank as per pre-approval conditions
  • Bank will issue the Final Offer Letter which cover the all the T&C for customer sign off
  • Bank representative will arrange meeting with customer at convenient place to sign off all papers for Loan Disbursement
  • Bank will ask to submit the security cheques as per bank policy
  • Account Opening for Mortgage Repayment will be done by Bank RM or need to visit branch
  • Customer will fund the Bank account with down payment and processing fees.


Transfer NOC from Developer:

  • Buyer and Seller have to visit the developer office to apply for NOC for Transfer the property which should be address to Land Department
  • At the time of NOC, developer may ask for the bank offer letter copy from Buyer to create mortgage in their records
  • Fees to be paid for NOC as per MOU T&C


Loan Disbursement - (Timeline 4 to 5 working days)

  • Bank will start Loan disbursement process post receiving the Signed Final Offer letter & NOC from developer
  • All the Bank charges related to loan process will get debited from the customer account, i.e., Processing fee, Life Insurance & Property Insurance. All the charges are different for each bank which will be mentioned in the final offer letter & Key Fact Statement
  • Bank will prepare Managers Cheque for the Loan Amount to complete the Property Transfer Process
  • Property Transfer appointment will be booked by Bank Liaison Officer based on availability of all the parties


Property Transfer - (Timeline 3 to 4 working days)

  • Buyer, Seller, Bank Liaison Officer & Real Estate Broker will visit Land Department Trustee office for the Property Transfer
  • All the Fees for Property Transfer and Mortgage Registration will be paid in form of Managers Cheque as per MOU T&C
  • Original Managers Cheques to be handed over by Buyer and / or Bank to Seller post completion of ownership transfer
  • Subsequently Mortgage Registration will be executed by the bank upon successful transfer of ownership in buyer’s name
  • Transaction will be completed upon successful Mortgage Registration acknowledged by authorized Land Department
  • Buyer will receive the Title Deed copy from Land Department and Original will be handed over to Bank for their custody till mortgage loan is matured or pre settled by the customer

List of Documents

Self-Employed / Business Person:

  • KYC (Passport, Visa, Emirates ID)
  • Residence Address Proof
  • Company Institutional Documents (Trade License, MOA, AOA, Amendments, Share Certificate as applicable)
  • Last 3 years Company audited report (if applicable)
  • Last 12 Months Company Bank Statements
  • Last 6 Months Personal Bank Statements
  • Company or Personal Facility Documents if any
  • Rental Documents like Ejari, Tenancy Contract, Title Deed copy if any
  • Liability information with supporting documents

Salaried Individual:

  • KYC (Passport, Visa, Emirates ID)
  • Residence Address Proof
  • Latest Salary Certificate from Employer address to Bank
  • Last 6 Months Pay slips
  • Last 6 Months Bank Statements where salary get credited
  • Rental Documents like Ejari, Tenancy Contract, Title Deed copy if any
  • Liability information with supporting documents